Thursday, November 10, 2011

Before me, my husband spent most of his free time playing video games. And on occasion, he'll still find a few spare moments in a day to jump on and blow some stuff up.

The newest version of his favorite game just came out, and Wal Mart happens to have it for $28 on Black 10 p.m. THE DAY BEFORE!!

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What is up with that? How is it that Black Friday has managed to creep up and start taking over Thanksgiving? I mean, sure, it's 10 p.m., the day is almost over, but what next? 10 A.M.????

Not that I'm not excited about the prospect of getting started a little early. My mom and I always go out on Black Friday. We always get up around 6 a.m. and start at World Market where they usually give you a free candy bar with a game piece and a chance to win a million dollars!!!...or something like that. There are usually about seven people standing outside waiting. It's not crowded. It's not insane. In short, it's good practice for what's to come.

Because we do tackle the mall. And Target and Starbucks (eep!). But we always go into it with the following philosophy: we can control ourselves; we can't control other people.

That being said, we let the other person get the close parking spot (in fact, we try to find the furthest one away, to be honest. Come on, remember dinner the day before?!). We don't push; we don't get mad when other people push. Basically we put on our kindness suits and let people do what they want around us. Who can get frustrated and angry when you're INTENTIONALLY putting other people first instead of them taking it?

It's all about your mindset. And honestly, when lunchtime rolls around, I'm ready for a break. I don't do well on minimal sleep. And I start to get cranky. There's only so much kindness a person can pump out while on sleep deprivation. So we take a break, get lunch, maybe even take a nap and if we need to, we go out again later.

So maybe it's not a bad thing to start late on Thanksgiving. I mean we've spent the whole day, hopefully, relaxing. Maybe it's the best time to do a little sport-shopping?

Do you go out on Black Friday, or do you avoid it like the plague?

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