Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fish tacos!

At the ingenious influence of one of my new twitter friends, I made fish tacos for dinner last night.

I love fish. And halibut is one of my favorites. This particular halibut was leftover from the 150 lbs my mom brought back from our family's fishing lodge in Alaska this summer for use at our wedding. Jim's stepdad is an AMAZING...ITALIAN cook, and he made a plethora of delicious things for our wedding including macadamia nut halibut, and by the way, his is the best ever.

[caption id="attachment_76" align="aligncenter" width="297" caption="halibut, grilled perfectly by the love of my life."][/caption]

So anyway, the seed of fish tacos was planted in my head yesterday around this time, and I knew it was a must for dinner.

After spending a meager, but better than nothing (right?) 30 minutes at the gym, I went to the store and picked up whole wheat tortillas, some lettuce and Spanish Rice-a-Roni (I know, not the healthiest, but my mom always made it with tacos, so it sort of belongs, as far as my taste buds are concerned), and some reduced fat shredded cheddar.

To these things, I added the halibut (which Jim grilled on the BBQ with a bit of his stepdad's "seasoning salt" which he mixes by smell...crazy, right? and just a spray of olive oil), some diced tomato, avocado and reduced fat sour cream (I would have used nonfat greek yogurt, but we were out).


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