Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plans for ringing in the new year

I hope most of you have far more exciting plans for this evening that Jim and I do. I'm always torn on New Year's Eve. The thought of going and doing something wonderfully fun is always appealing. But then again, so is staying home with a bottle of champagne and a table full of munchies...which is the itinerary for tonight.

I used to want to go to NYC and see "the ball drop." But in recent years, that plan seems less and less attractive. I mean, the actual drop of the ball isn't that interesting. It's not like it even drops. It just sort of slowly slides down the pole, almost as if it's got honey in its track or something. Not to mention the herds of people, the freezing cold....we seem to forget that part when we're sitting in our nice warm living rooms. If I were to spend New Year's in New York, I'd want to find a place to go where there's a party inside and a nice place on a roof somewhere to watch the fireworks. OR....I'd want a fancy schmancy suite at the Marriott Marquis that faces out to Times Square and room service filling every surface. That's how I'd do New York.

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Other possibilities:

Sydney. I've always wanted to go to Australia. I visited New Zealand a few years back. It was pretty lovely. I'd go again. But it's definitely not the same as Australia. But on New Year's Eve in the southern hemisphere, it's summer. How weird would it be to celebrate the new year in WARM weather? Weird, but definitely cool. I'd do Australia.

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Seriously, though. I think you'd need a boat. How cool would that be!?

Seattle. I know, I know. We were talking about cold. And honestly, I've been in Seattle on New Years. At the foot of the Space Needle to be exact. It was cold. It was not, however, too crowded. I wish I'd had a better camera because the views of the fireworks behind the Space Needle were incredible. On the other hand, if I were to go again, with my nice shiny wonderfully adept camera, I'd probably go to the party at the top rather than hang out at the bottom. What the heck good is a $200 per ticket party if you can't even drink? (I was 19 at the time).

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So far, I think those are the only other places I have a real interest in going. That being said, I'm sure that any city that I love would be cool to go to. I mean, take Paris, for instance. It's supposed to be the most romantic city in the world (I say supposed to because I went with a friend...not a lover [ala Carrie Bradshaw] and it was NOT the romantic experience you would expect...I mean, obviously), I'd imagine huddled together with your lover with a steamy cafe latte and fireworks over the Seine with the Tour d'Eiffel in the foreground would be a pretty amazing New Year's too.

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Alas, my couch calls my name. And the freezer full of fattening goodies my husband and I will consume tonight along with our bottle of peach flavored champagne (neither of us likes regular fact, we toasted wine at our wedding)...and any other bottles of goodness we may find in the kitchen....

....assuming we make it past 10 p.m. We're so old.

Happy New Year!


  1. Ahhhh I would love to go to all those places too! I live 2 hours from Seattle, I should really head across the border to check it out next year ;)

    We stayed low too....just out at a movie :)


  2. You should! Let me know when you go and we'll go too! We're trying to fit cool New Year's plans in somewhere...some year. lol