Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resolution Schmesolution

I dislike "New Year's Resolutions." I mean I get the idea. I get that we all want to better ourselves and what better way to start fresh than the beginning of a brand new year?

But to me, shouldn't the desire to be a better person in some way be reason enough to make a goal? Why does the new year have to mark your starting point? It's December 27th, why not start today instead?

Because that's not how you do it, I guess. People would rather wait until January 1st to flock to the gyms, where they'll then leisurely stroll along on the elliptical machines in their brand new perfectly matched gym outfits and talk on their cell phones for ten whole minutes of cardio! When that gets boring...oh, about March at the very latest, the gyms will go back to the manageably crowded places they are for nine and a half months out of the year.

Sometimes I think people make resolutions just for the sake of making them. Maybe so they can tell their families and friends to prepare for the day when the brand new shinier, thinner, smarter, happier version of their former selves will emerge.

Mostly, though, I believe people have good intentions. They truly want to make themselves better. But I think making a "New Year's resolution" might just be setting them up for disaster. Rather than setting a life-altering goal, we should set smaller goals that maybe don't look as fabulous as the New Years Eve dress you plan to wear with your new body next year, but that are actually possible to achieve.

Or maybe I'm just cynical. That's a possibility too.

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  1. Hey Doll!! Ahhhh I can agree with you. A lot of people do just do short stints of "resolutions" then go right back. That seems to be the norm, change is painful, I know it is, but you're right the Life Altering Changes will stick if you REALLY want...or need them too ;)

    Way to put it, lovie! Love it!!