Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12 things in 2012

I have fun making plans, goals, setting challenges for myself. I have a list of things to do before I die (where did the term "bucket list" come from anyway? I'm not a fan), but that's a pretty broad range of time, so I figure I'll write one for myself for the year as well and I'll keep you all posted as I go along.

1. Launch Stephanie Sutherlin Photography

[caption id="attachment_530" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="I love to photograph weddings"][/caption]

2. Finish The Girl in the Painting, a novel that I'm writing and submit it to an agent

3. Paint pottery with Jim

4. Enter a photo competition

[caption id="attachment_531" align="aligncenter" width="628" caption="I entered this one in a small competition last year. I believe it hit 4th place."][/caption]

5. Move into a house

6. Read all the books on one of the shelves of my bookcase

[caption id="attachment_532" align="aligncenter" width="143" caption="I'm working on this one at present. It's so good."][/caption]

7. Visit our friends in Las Vegas

8. Learn how to make wine

9. Find a cool new hiking spot

10. Cut my hair and donate to Locks of Love

11. Purchase a new camera body and a L-Series wide angle lens

12. Pay off our wedding (eep!)

So there they are. Twelve goals. Although in light of yesterday's events, some of these may be more difficult than others. Like I said, I'll keep ya posted!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. This is a great list - good luck!

  2. Awesome dollface!!! Make a daily list of small action items you can take to get you closer to achieving these goals!

    I love your motivation!!! Keep inspiring and get that photo site up! BOOM!

  3. I'm working on it as we speak! And I really should work on a daily list of small things I can do. I mean I have a large list and I work off of that, but if I make a daily deadline on some things, I bet they'd get done quicker....