Monday, January 30, 2012

Conquering Fears

This weekend was about facing my fears and telling them where they can shove it. And it wasn't even what I set out to do. But sometimes you're offered opportunities, and somehow I've figured out where to find that unique ability to just say "Yes!"

They actually made a movie about this concept, I believe. "Yes Man," it was called. Not a bad movie, actually. I like Zooey Deschanel.

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Of course, this is a little bit overboard and I have no intentions of becoming a "Yes Woman," but I think there's definitely something to be said for seizing opportunities....even if they're scary.

So we started the weekend with the party at the Nugget in Reno I was telling you about. It was a ton of fun.

Photo booth fun!

My brother, Matt, brought the baby, who was, of course, the star of the show. Poor guy didn't have a nap all day, though, and true to form, he fell asleep on me on the dance floor.

My favorite part of the evening, though, was just before the party. In my family, I've sort of learned to just do my own thing because waiting for them to figure out what they're doing can cost you a whole evening. So Jim and I got dressed, and since we were starving, we went downstairs to the bar at Orozko and ordered a couple of drinks and appetizers. As we sat the best seat in the house, we later learned...the evening's entertainment arrived, a guy with a microphone who sang Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond (among others). It was just nice to sit there, listening to good music, drinking a martini, enjoying some delicious appetizers and just being together before we had to go into the party and turn on the schmooze.

After the party, like we usually do, we all went back downstairs to do a little gambling. Now, I'm not a big gambler. I like to play $10-$20 on the penny slots and call it good. Except my brother came up to me and said "Let's go teach you how to play blackjack." And honestly, it scared the crap out of me. $5 minimums=lots of potential lost cash!

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But I did it anyway. And we lost some cash (fortunately we wrote it off as a "business expense"). But I did it. I looked my fear in the eye and I said "I'm going to do it anyway." ....Oh, and I doubled my $10 on the pennies. Just sayin'.

On Sunday, we got up leisurely (after going to be after 2 am!), had breakfast with my youngest brother, Dan, who is going to school in Reno and then went to Rome Valley Vineyards, where we got married.

I wish I had photos of this day, but it was one of those days you just live. I didn't have time to whip out a camera and document it. Besides, I had no pockets and was on the back of a quad, so.... If you knew the size of my scaredy-catedness, you'd have been proud of me. Not only did I ride all over the vineyard (lots of steep hills!!!) on the back of a quad, I shot a gun AND walked into an old mine to the point where I could barely see sunlight behind us anymore.

I may not be a tough girl yet, but I'm working on it! One step at a time.

How was your weekend? Conquer any fears lately?


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