Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 things to be happy about 02/08

Today is a happy feeling day. It's strange because I feel like I need my happy list when I'm feeling crappy, but also it feels right to list these things when I'm already feeling happy. So anyway, here goes!


1. All of my W-2s and other tax crap are in and ready to be filed! I love being able to check things off my list and this one equals extra cash in my pockets!

2. Tonight is fish taco night! We are going to Jim's parents' house for dinner and his step dad is cooking. This man is the best cook EVER. He actually catered our wedding. And his fish tacos are pretty dang to-die-for.

3. My book club is starting back up! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I heard we were starting again. This month's book:

4. We finally got our bikes back from the repair shop! And it's been sooo nice out lately, I think we may just take them for a spin this weekend.

5. I published my photography website! It's actually LIVE! Not just finished and ready to send into the world. if you wanna check it out!

6. I may have a photo shoot this weekend! A girl from work, though, not through the website, but I'll take them as they come!

7. I'm having lunch with my mom! She's been out of town for a week, and she's making polenta with roasted vegetables. I'm beyond excited. We are also, probably, watching an episode of One Tree Hill...we're behind a season because neither of us thought to set the DVR, so we had to wait until it came out on DVD, but that's okay because now we can watch them all in a row instead of having to wait a week between episodes!

8. Tomorrow night is The Bachelor night with my sister-in-law. I know, we're behind, but the only way we can watch it together is if we wait for a day we can both spare a couple of hours. And this week it's Thursday. So don't tell me what happened if you've already seen it!

[caption id="attachment_570" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="source"][/caption]

9. I'm getting a new camera bag! I don't know which one yet, but I know my gear has far outgrown my bag!

10. And, of course, as always, my amazing husband,  who makes me happy every day of my life (and who, by the way, will NOT watch The Bachelor with me).

Jim and I on the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

It's almost the middle of the week. I hope everyone is having a lovely one!


  1. Having your W-2s and getting money back is definitely something to be happy about :-) Great list!

  2. It's a ton more fun if you don't have to use it to pay off your wedding, but hey, maybe next year there will be a fabulous trip in my future or something!

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  4. Great list! I wish I were excited about W2s. We always owe!

  5. I had to pay the state $93 once. It was awful!