Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had the most glorious realization today: It's Thursday! I showed up at work completely convinced it was Wednesday. I love this kind of day!

The only downside that I can see at the moment is that my butt is in a serious state of soreness. Jim and I, as I mentioned yesterday, got our bikes back, so we took the nice weather as an opportunity to go for a ride last night. Let me just mention, I haven't been on that bike in...oh...probably close to a year, so my butt is nowhere near used to having a small seat in such close proximity to the middle of it.

Also yesterday, I received my business cards. At the time I ordered them, I did exactly as they said and checked the image carefully for mistakes. Well, when I opened the box yesterday, instead of feeling elated because I HAD BUSINESS CARDS! I felt nothing but disappointment. They printed FAR darker than the preview, to the point where you couldn't even read the crucial information!

But I just finished reordering them. They let me upload a lighter photo AND they threw in the glossy finish, which I told them I'd like to pay to add, FOR FREE! I love VistaPrint, and if you ever need business cards, I HIGHLY recommend them. They have amazing prices, too!

Has anyone else noticed that spring is starting to pop up, well, everywhere? While at my mom's house for lunch, I snapped this cute little flower's photo, after which I asked it politely if it was aware that winter was not yet over and it would probably not make it through the next big freeze...assuming, of course, that there will BE a big freeze this year.

My daffodil bulbs in the planter boxes at work are starting to come up too. They'll never make it either. It makes me sad to think about, but I am enjoying the nice weather, so I suppose I can't complain too much.

Did anyone else watch American Idol last night? How sad that Jim Carrey's daughter went home. But I'm glad they didn't let her through just because of who were dad was. Honestly, though, who really starts paying attention until, like, after group week? How can you even pick a favorite when everyone is still so anonymous?

Nonetheless, I can't wait for tonight's episode so we can find out what happened to the girl who seemed to pass out on stage, probably over fish tacos, which were moved to tonight instead of last night.

I hope everyone is having a lovely THURSDAY (not Wednesday) and enjoying some gorgeous springesque weather like I am!

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