Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Schenanigans

I don't post on the weekend. I've come to realize and accept this. I'm just too busy, whether it be out and about having adventures or simply spending a relaxing Saturday on the couch catching up on Gossip Girl. I spend five days a week, roughly 7 hours a day in front of a computer screen. My eyes need a break!

This weekend, Jim and I decided to do something different. In fact, we decided that every other weekend we're going to do something different. We got to talking and it seems like we always do the same thing on the weekends...granted, up until the past few weeks, Jim had been working Saturdays, so Sundays were our only day together and he really wanted to rest from his work week. But we decided every other weekend, we're going to try something new and we're going to take turns deciding what that thing is.

It was my turn first and I found us a fun event to go to in Clarksburg at the Old Sugar Mill. The mill houses six different wineries, and they were doing a Port, Wine and Chocolate event for Valentine's Day.

The building used to be a working sugar mill, and now it's been transformed into the Clarksburg Wine Company. They also do weddings, I guess, in the other side of the building, which is adorably run down with broken windows and exposed brick. I love it. I don't wish we'd had our wedding there because I LOOOOOVE our own winery, but it would be cool to attend one there.

Like I said, there were about six wineries that participated in the event, so as you can imagine, we left the event with quite a bit of wine in our systems! Jim, fortunately, is 6'4 and doesn't feel the effects as much as I do, so he was fine to drive.

On our way home, we stopped just on the other side of this cute little bridge to take a few pictures.

The rest of the evening, we spent at Jim's brother's house, catching up on the Bachelor (the girls) and working on DJ's truck (the boys). We made tacos for dinner, and sat around the kitchen table laughing at the kids and chatting like normal people do over dinner (we usually eat in front of the television!).

On Sunday I met my good friend, Jenny, for coffee in the morning. We hadn't had the chance to talk since before the wedding, and we both had lots of catching up to do!

In the afternoon, we drove up to the vineyard to visit with BJ and Ashley and help with a project we started with them over a month ago. It's always so enjoyable to go up there. The time just floats away as if on a cloud and even when we're "working," it still feels like fun.

This morning I arrived to work feeling a little under the weather. But my mood was brought up exponentially when this little guy arrived.

How could you NOT smile?!

He had fun playing with his Uncle Jim.

And then my mom came and picked him up, and Jim left, and I was left alone with my computer screen once more...and of course, nothing to distract my mind from remembering that I wasn't feeling well.

Now I'm still sitting here, except I've got a giant glass of bubbly water and 100% cherry juice (I'm feeling an impending bladder infection. Yuck), and all I want to do is go home and lie on the couch and...well, that's as far as I've gotten but the situation has got to start looking up at that point, right?

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new?

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