Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Nosh Night

Sundays at our house are Nosh Nights, meaning we don't want to prepare a whole meal, but we need to eat something. Best case scenario, we go to the store and buy a few pre-made or easy to throw together items....worst case  we heat up, throw together and/or put in a bowl anything left in the fridge or freezer from the week.

Nosh from another night.

After going to the doctor and running errands all evening, last night was definitely a Nosh Night.

We had black bean taquitos from Trader Joes, a little bit of leftover frozen fried rice, some mini pizzas, and in the black tray are puff pastries with feta and caramelized onions....all of which was actually from Trader Joes now that I think about it.  You'll also notice the giant bowls of salad, the only thing that actually somewhat justifies all the excess prepackaged food! Oh, and Jim had some chips (you can kind of see the bag on the floor to the left) and salsa.

And yes, it was necessary to top it off with a glass of wine (a beer for Jim) and a healthy dose of Friends on TV. It was actually quite a relaxing evening. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Although the evening wasn't all fun and relaxation. I went back to the specialist so he could read the results of my recent round of blood tests. Honestly I wish he would have just called me with the news. It was such a waste of my co-pay for me to go in there and sit down so he can tell me everything looks fine...oh and recommend a therapist to help control  the excess stress he assumes I have.

I guess it's on to Plan.....uh...C? D? I don't remember. But either way, my mom has a doctor that practices Eastern medicine, acupuncture, herbal remedies and such. When no one else could diagnose my mom's ailments, he figured it out and treated her successfully. So I figure I'll give it a whirl. He does a lot with allergies. Maybe I'm allergic to something I'm eating. There are a million different possibilities. I just have to find someone who can pinpoint the One.

Until then, I'm doing the best I can to survive on caffeine and sheer will power!