Friday, April 27, 2012

Spinach in my smoothie??? + More Adventures, day 1

My favorite mornings come one Friday of every month, when I open my door to head out to work and I'm greeted with the happiest box in the hallway!

It's my Farm Fresh To You delivery! Fresh, local, organic produce delivered right to my door! This box included so many delicious goodies! Strawberries, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, apples, oranges, a lemon, fresh peppermint (some of which is floating in my water as we speak!), celery, spring onions, and some new potatoes.

I'm so excited to get some recipes together to use this stuff in!

But I promised to talk to you about spinach smoothies, so here we go!

I've always been a little curious about this concept of putting stuff like spinach into a smoothie. How in the world would that taste good mixed with all the other good smoothie stuff? I turned my nose up at the thought of it.

But then I read this post by Anna at The Guiltless Life, and she claims you can't even taste the spinach! So I decided to give it a whirl (no pun intended. lol. I crack myself up.) in the name of eating more veggies. Here's my recipe.

Spinach Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

I handful of spinach, washed and stems removed

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp...or more...peanut butter. I like creamy

approx 1 cup chocolate soy milk (you can add more or less for thickness)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 pinch cocoa powder (for more chocolate flavor! if I needed it, right??)

1 pinch glutamine powder (optional. It's a healthy amino acid...for energy)

1 tsp or so flaxseed meal

A couple chunks of ice

Load it all in the blender, whir it around for a while until all the spinach leaves are pulverized, pour in a glass (or a Christmasy Starbucks cold cup!) and enjoy!

Now that I have breakfast taken care of, I can move on to bigger and better things (although it doesn't get much better, that smoothie was freaking delish!)

After reading my post from yesterday, Jim send me a text that says "Getting a new couch is a mini adventure." I couldn't argue with him. I believe change of any kind is an adventure, so I consented. After work I picked up the cash we've been holding onto from our wedding and drove down to meet Jim at Ikea. I know, I know. Ikea gets a bad rap, but my current couch has lasted me almost 10 years, so I'm not going to complain for $399. Just saying.

I'll post pictures of our finished living room when it's, er, finished. We have a small space and getting it all to fit in there is proving to be a challenge, although not impossible. We just have to be a little creative, and as of yet, our dining room is still full of most of the stuff that used to be in the living room, so I'll spare you the photos until its ready.

I will leave you with this, however:

Yes, it's a crappy cell phone photo, but that's all I could get from the driving position! That's Jim's new truck filled with our new furniture! Exciting, right?

I'm still waiting for ideas for mini adventures people! Help a girl out!

Oh, and have an amazing Friday!


  1. New furniture etc is so exciting! We're moving over the summer and getting rid of pretty much everything we have because it's not worth it to ship much from England to Canada. We're only taking what's most important + clothes (because we don't want to be naked when we get there, haha). I can't wait to kit out our new place once we have one!

    I've just started having spinach in my smoothies too and you totally can't taste it at all. Love it!

  2. Love how you made it chocolate, pb and banana! Thank you so much for the shoutout - I'm glad I inspired you to give the green a go! Please forgive any typos - I have this magnified to 1000 and my eyes are already tired so I am going to get a rest, yours is the only blog I canc omment on today haha. But yay for you trying green smoothieS! xx

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon! It doesn't sound like you're having any fun!

    And thanks for the recommendation. I'm always looking for ways to add more veggies without throwing a steamed pile of them next to whatever else I eat. Spinach in a smoothie is pure genius!

  4. New furniture is so much fun!!! And what's the point in starting new somewhere if you don't do it all the way?? Well, except clothes and special things. :) I definitely don't recommend showing up WITHOUT clothes!