Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yay for Exercise + Photo-a-day, day 2

I am amazingly proud of myself and Jim. The past two days we've gotten out of the house and gotten moving! I know that may seem like not a big accomplishment, two days, but for the two of us, that's huge, especially considering how I've been feeling lately.

On Tuesday we took the tennis rackets out to the court at our apartments and "played" for about an hour...I think. I don't really know. We were having fun and lost track of time. But I know I got a good workout in because my whole body is sore today, even places I wouldn't have thought worked that hard in my upper abs. Holy cow!

Last night, we walked a loop...about 20 minutes round trip, I would assume. Not as much of a workout as Tuesday Tennis, but its better than sitting on the couch right?!

I find it so much more fun and...non-exerciselike when someone else is with me, especially when it's my husband because then its just hanging out with the love of my life, playing tennis...or going for a walk. I guess it's the same reason why reading a book on the elliptical machine is easier than listening to music for me: I get distracted enough to forget what I'm doing.

And I'd bet, since you didn't see a post yesterday, that I forgot about taking my photo for the day. Well, you're wrong! I did it. I just didn't get around to posting it last night.

Yesterday's photo subject was: Skyline.

We don't live anywhere where there's a really cool skyline, like Manhattan's. But there's a distinct line between the sky and the trees here, so I figure it works.

I took this, actually, on our lovely little walk last night. The sunset was beautiful. My little phone camera didn't quite do it justice, though.

Today's subject is : something you wore today. With any luck, I'll get that posted tonight. If not, you'll see it tomorrow, I'm sure!

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