Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I miss....

Since cutting wheat and corn out of my diet, obviously the food items I put into my mouth on a daily basis have changed drastically. But it hasn't always been in the ways you might think....ways that even I would have thought. Of course things like french bread and cupcakes are more obvious, but there are plenty of not-so-obvious items as well.

1. Vegetarian meat substitutes

[caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="350"] source[/caption]

I can't tell you how many meals I've made in the past that were centered around these sausages...or veggie crumbles....or veggie burgers. I wouldn't have imagined they had wheat in them, but wheat protein is pretty much the #1 ingredient in most of these products.

2. Saltines

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Weird, I know. But Jim and I used to eat Saltines in bed with a glass of milk for our "nighttime snack" before we went to sleep. It's not like I'm overly in love with the crackers. It's just something we can't do anymore, and I miss it.

3. Baking

[caption id="attachment_927" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Baking snickerdoodles with Lil Man the first time I watched him all by myself[/caption]

Before I found out about the allergies, I was a baking fool. I loved to bake: cupcakes, cookies, brownies. You name it. It's not that I can't bake anymore, it's just that it's more challenging. And there's no substitute for a hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. I'm sorry. There's just not.

4. Caramel...specifically caramel macchiatos from Starbucks

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Yes, I've written them a friendly email stating that they shouldn't use corn syrup in their caramel, but the fact remains: it's there and I can't drink it and I miss caramel macchiatos like hell. (I actually had the genius idea to make my own caramel sauce, order a vanilla latte and drizzle away! Although that may end up kind of messy...oh well, it's worth a try!)

5. Corn...yes, just corn

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Corn on the cob is so delicious. It's one of my all-time favorite foods. Aside from that, I put corn in everything: rice bowls, pasta, soups, anywhere it can just be tossed least I used to. I sure do miss corn.

Have you ever had to give up eating something you love?


  1. Yes, I too have had to give up something I really really love, and it definately "inhales wind". I am so sorry and can hear your sadness thru your blog.....I am so so sorry, and I don unerstand your frustration and pain...... : (

  2. Should be I do understand your frustration and pain. Wings were flapping in the "rain", and missed a key!

  3. Definitely make your own caramel syrup! That's a genius idea! I love making caramel frappuccinos at home - it's all about the caramel extract there, it makes things taste perfect. Or shop your supermarket aisles and peruse labels endlessly to try to find a caramel syrup without corn syrup! I bet you could make a mean macchiato at home - post the recipe if you do! :)

  4. I will for sure! I think I'm going to go that route. Homemade caramel is SOOOO good anyway! And I already make my own lattes in the morning, so I should be set!