Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Highlights

I'm writing to you today from the serene comfort of my couch...rather than the far less serene location of my desk at work. Why, you ask? Day off? Vacation? No, nothing quite so exciting or fun. You see, I'm pretty much confined to this our apartment anyway...because I was a complete dummy and evidently make poor snap decisions that, on occasion, leave me unable to drive myself anywhere.

But let's start from the beginning. It was a warm Saturday morning, perfect for a trip to the lake.

[caption id="attachment_876" align="aligncenter" width="491"] Yes, my rod is pink. :)[/caption]

There weren't yet too many people on the lake, so the water was nice and calm, the breeze still felt refreshing on your cheeks and the day was young and full of hope. Even the geese were out for a morning stroll.

[caption id="attachment_878" align="aligncenter" width="614"] don't they look like they're strolling?[/caption]

Jim was at the helm.

And I was in my usual spot at the bow.

It was a lovely morning....until the hoards of other people found their way out of bed and to our lake, which happens pretty much most summer days at this particular lake.

We even caught a fish.

And then we both posed with him before throwing him back. We decided his name was Oscar.

It was a pretty good day....until it wasn't anymore.

Let's just say a combination of things created a less than ideal situation where I needed to think quickly, and somehow lunging for the boat as I felt it slipping away from me, my feet on the dock and my hands still holding on to the boat, seemed like a more favorable idea than just falling into the water.

Fortunately, I didn't need stitches and I didn't break anything, but I think given the opportunity again, I'm going to choose the water.

I could barely walk the rest of Saturday. Yesterday it was...better. I could bend it, and move it a little. But even today, I can't lift it on its own. To get onto my bed, onto the couch, into the car I have to lift it up with my hands and put it where I want it. It makes it quite hard to push in the clutch and drive.

So here I sit, catching up on recorded shows and trying to "relax" and heal. Eventually I'll try to take a shower. Yes, I know it's gross. I haven't had one since...Friday night? Yuck, right? But maybe the dip I took in the lake after gashing my leg counts?

Later I plan to make myself a citrus salad with lunch, like this one I made Friday afternoon:

It's so simple: a grapefruit, an orange, a few mint leaves and a splash of my favorite olive oil, scented with lime.

It's a local company that makes a ton of different flavors of oil. The garlic is my favorite overall. But they also have the lime, orange, jalapeno and a variety of unflavored ones as well. They have a store in downtown Placerville, and my mom and I always make it a stop when we are there.

Well, two episodes of Pretty Little Liars are beckoning, so I am going to go fill my brain with someone else's drama for a while. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I am sending magic sparkle dust in hopes that you will be well soon! I "completely" understand the lifting leg part! I've had to do that with my "wings" sometimes, and still they won't work. Not fun when you can not be "mobile" or soar which you do when you are at your best! You are blessed with a wonderful husband who will assist you until you are back to your 'ole self! Let's us know if you need anything, my wings can bring me t you! and very quickly I might add.....

  2. Thanks. :) I do have a wonderful husband, and he's been great. I can't wait to be back to myself again. This sucks!