Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Food and Friends and Wine, oh my!

This past weekend was boatloads of fun. A couple months ago the girls in my book club bought a Living Social  deal for a Foodies on Foot tour in downtown Napa and the day finally came on Saturday.

You will simply have to forgive me the Facebook-jacked Instagram photos. Sometimes a girl just doesn't want to carry around a heavy camera!

The tour started at 10 am at the Historic Napa Mill and took us through several of downtown Napa's best eats.

We sampled pastries from Sweetie Pies at the mill, followed by smoked salmon flatbread (I had a veggie flatbread) from the Napa General Store. Then we walked through the second largest Victorian neighborhood in the state to some of the best Italian takeout in town.

I love Victorian architecture and all the ornate details that go into each house, not to mention the crazy colors. There was a super bright purple house I wanted to take a shot of, but sadly, my phone died before we got to that point. It's about time for a new phone, methinks. 

Okay, back to the food.

Clemente's is tucked away inside Val's, a liquor store, and the last place I'd search for Italian takeout. They specialize in a little gem called a malfatti, which is Italian slang for "mistake." It was created as an alternative to raviolis when a baseball team came into town starving and the restaurant was out of raviolis. The original owner took the ravioli filling, rolled it in flour, boiled it and doused it in sauce. The team loved it and a famous Napa original was born.  Of course, this is just the abbreviated version of the story. The full version is on the back of their takeout menu. 

 Reanna and Lynn, selfie-ing without us.

From there we tasted tritip sandwiches (I had a portabello sandwich) at Buckhorn Grill and some delicious olive oil from Lucero's (where we all but one joined the olive oil club!). They made us ice cream with flavored olive oil and then with balsamic vinegar. You wouldn't think it would be delicious, but it is! 

From there we had fondue at The Pear...I'm a big fan of fondue, but this one just didn't float my boat. Maybe because it was gouda. And maybe because it was not warm. I did really enjoy the pear dipped in the gouda, though. 

And Stephanie and I had fun fencing with our tiny fork sticks.

Lastly, we sampled some amazing gelato at Frati. The..chef?...master gelatoer?...I'm not sure what his title is, but the guy who makes it actually learned...trained??...I need to listen better...in Italy where it was first created, so his stuff is legit. And delicious. I could have eaten a whole pan of it to myself. 

From there we did a little wine tasting at Jim's and my favorite winery, Gustavo Wines! I got to taste the Merlot that we stomped back in October of 2012. It was pretty yummy and I bought a couple bottles for Jim and I. We also cruised through to Oxbow Market and bought a trunk-full of bread from Model Bakery.

It was truly a beautiful day and one that I really needed. On the way home, the sunset was amazing, even though I couldn't capture it accurately with my camera phone...and then I put a filter on the instagram photo, so this is what you get:

And I have no way of tying this in, but I thought it was hilarious that a trolly car was gassin' up at Chevron, so here you go:

And that was Saturday. I feel so blessed to have such great friends and the opportunities to share amazing days like this with them.

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