Friday, May 2, 2014

Twenty-four brand new hours

I saw this quote on Facebook today, and it really resonated with me. Twenty-four brand new hours. Pause for a moment and think about that. Twenty-four hours that you have yet to live, that are not yet a part of your history. Twenty-four hours you can do anything with, be anything within. You can choose today to start over or to continue where you left off.

Wednesday was a really good day. I got a lot of stuff done, I entered a writing contest, a photography contest. I checked a bunch of stuff off my to-do list, won a raffle prize at a Chamber of Commerce event (a basket full of Starbucks goodness, in case you were wondering!) and went to bed feeling content and happy.

Thursday was not as good. But Thursday is over and today is another day. And tomorrow, I will have another whole day to be and do whatever my heart desires. That's a pretty empowering thought.

I am going to keep this quote on my nightstand so I remember in the morning to welcome the day and all of its possibilities.

Have you read any quotes lately that just strike a chord with you?

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