Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten Day You Challenge: Foods

Food, food, food. What a lovely topic of conversation for this fifth day of the Ten Day You Challenge.

Day Six: Five Foods

1. Serendipity 3's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. If you've never indulged in this glass of frrrozen (yes, with three r's) deliciousity, you'd better hightail it to NYC (or Vegas) and wait in line for an hour to get yourself one. Well worth it, I'd say...and I do say because I do wait in line for an hour every time I'm in New York. Crazy, you ask? Of course I am.

2. Fish Burgers at Shelter Cove Campground Deli. Fresh fish fried to perfection in a toasted bun, tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato. (I take my onion out). Oh, now I'm drooling.

Sooooooo good!

3. Homegrown Tomatoes. There's just nothing quite like a homegrown tomato. Sure you can get them in the store and they resemble the real deal, but they're not the same. Never. Not even organic. Beside the fact that they taste better, there's a sense of satisfaction in tending to the plants and harvesting your own fruit.

A baby tomato from our garden.

4. Shrimp off the Rover. The Rover is a boat (yes, it's also a Zeppelin song, but in this case, just picture the boat). It lives in Alaska and brings in some of the most delicious fish you'll ever taste. And crab. And shrimp. And all of it tastes better than the stuff you find in the store or in a restaurant, but the shrimp takes it to a completely different level. I can't eat regular shrimp anymore. Alaskan Rover shrimp have ruined shrimp for me.

Not the most appetizing photo, but that's what they look like when they're still in the bucket on the boat!

5. Santorini Cheese Pie! Oh my gosh. I completely lived off this stuff while we were on our honeymoon. This photo only shows one of many variations I ate while we were in Greece. This was breakfast on the last morning before we left for home. Oh, I want a piece so badly right now!

It probably wasn't a good idea to write this post right before dinner when I'm super hungry. Now all I want to eat is cheese pie and fish burgers and delicious shrimp (although I only have to wait a few more weeks for the shrimp)!

What are some of your favorite foods?

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