Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten Day You Challenge: Loves

Welcome to Day Two of Mr and Meatless' 10 Day You Challenge. Today we are here to talk about loves. This seems a little more fun/less exposing than yesterday's "secrets" topic so here we go!

Day Two: Nine Loves

1. Coffee.  I'm sorry. It's just the truth. I can give up chocolate, sugar, name it, it's gone, but coffee's gonna stay. I've given it up enough times in recent years to know it's a love, not an addiction. I can go without, I just choose not to.

2. The smell of rain. This one probably popped into my head because it's been raining and because I missed it this past winter, but is there a fresher, more awakening, lovely smell than the first rain? Big sigh....

3. Our crazy dog.  Katie makes me smile. She's such a weirdo, but she's brought great joy into our lives and I can barely remember what our world was like without her. I'm so glad that I have a job where I can bring her to work with me every day. She's a pain in the tail sometimes, but mostly she's good company (as she watches me out of the corner of her eye from under her desk).

She sure looooves her carrots! (sorry for the crappy cell phone photo, but it was just so cute!)

4. Writing. I have been carrying on a love affair with writing since I was old enough to know how to construct sentences out of words. I write every single day, whether it be a blog post or an entry in my journal or a section of my manuscript.

My favorite writing quote

5. On the same lines as #4: Reading. If you ever can't find me, check in a well lit corner behind a book. Chances are, there I'll  be. I always have a book with me. When I need a break from a stressful day, I go "visit" my friends in my favorite books. On vacation, I'm reading a book. Waiting at the DMV? Reading a book. Driving to work: listening to a book. When I moved into my first apartment, my youngest brother told me he wasn't helping me move again until I got a lighter hobby. And, by the way, yes, they must be BOOKS. That little flat screen with the words on it, not a book. 

6. Photography. There's a part of me that wants to get more specific, but I can't. I love photographing weddings. But I also love being out in the middle of nowhere shooting something beautiful in a completely different way. When I was young, I wished to God that I could paint or draw or otherwise express myself through art (writing seemed to work, but I wanted to SEE the image, not conjure it in my head). When I discovered photography, I knew I'd found my source of artistic expression. It allows me to show the world how I see it.

7. Traveling. I love visiting new places. Jim and I spent a month and a half touring the United States in my Toyota Corolla in 2010. It was probably the best time of my life. There's something about seeing new places, learning about other cultures and trying different foods that just does it for me.

8. Fresh flowers. There's nothing like having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house. And it's even better when you've grown them yourself.

9. And, of course, my husband. He's my rock and my best friend. Our relationship is far from perfect, but there's no one I'd rather navigate through life with.

Christmas, 2011, two months after our wedding

Ok, people, I've shared mine, now share your loves with me.


  1. Again, I'd have to say I agree with your loving the smell of rain, writing, and reading. Now to think of some loves that are different:

    1. I Love spending time with my friends (and extended family). I don't do it nearly as often as I should but when we do get together I have an awesome time! This week was full of people I hadn't seen in a while (or hadn't had time to really sit down and chat with) and I enjoyed having that quality time with them.

    2. I LOVE Christmas! Everything about Christmas from the lights, to the sounds to songs and most especially the food! Christmas eve has to be the most magical day of the year for me. Even after my birthday. I love going outside after dark and looking up at the night sky wondering where in the world Santa might be. It makes me still think that in some ways, I can still hold on to the magic that I experienced as a kid.

    3. On the food note I just have to add..... Pumpkin! I love (almost) anything that has pumpkin in it. Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin beignets, pumpkin pancakes. All of it. The best part about having a fall birthday is the Pumpkin Cheesecake at The Cheesecake factory instead of the normal everyday white or chocolate birthday cake.

    4. Getting dressed up all fancy. I have a love hate relationship with this one. I love the experience of putting on that elegant dress and sipping wine in an elaborate setting but I hate having to go shopping for that new dress or make up and I have no patience when it comes to getting my hair done. As soon as that is all out of the way, I have a truly magnificent experience.

    5. Being alone. I love having the chance to just be me and get to know me. The solitude and isolation is nice. I can do whatever I want, read a book, write, listen to music have hot cocoa. Being alone (for a little bit, not forever, I love going out occasionally too) is a nice rejuvenation experience for me.

    6. The first snow fall of the season that actually sticks to the ground. It doesn't snow very often but I love looking out my window first thing in the morning and seeing this blanket of white, basically untouched, lying everywhere. Now if only I could have a white Christmas, that would be even better!

    7. Helping others. I enjoy being able to help others and not expect anything back. Just that generous selflessness is nice in a world where everything is all about me, me, me.

    8. I love being active, which is weird because I'm not at all. I love biking or walking or running for exercise. I just haven't done so in...years. Partly because I'm afraid of another trip to the hospital and partly because what goes down eventually has to come back up the hill and that's too much of an ambitious task to take by myself.

    9. I love fairy-tales and happily ever after. The ideas of them anyway. Seeing how happy a bride and groom are on their wedding day or at the end of the Disney movie when the princess gets her prince charming and they live happily ever after. Those are special to me. Now if only I could find my own Louis to scare people into giving me what I want after working so hard to get it as well as being an awesome and unique addition to the band...that would be nice!

    Yay, I did it! I came up with 9 loves!!!I'm proud of myself right now!!

  2. Mmmmm....pumpkin! Hands down, the best food of fall!