Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten Day You Challenge: Songs

Today's topic is music. I'll admit: I'm not hugely into music. I mean I enjoy it as much as the next person. But it's not my art of choice. My brothers are both very musical. I, on the other hand, can barely handle medium on Guitar Hero.

That being said, I do have songs that mean something to me, that evoke a memory or a feeling. When Jim and I went on our trip around the country in 2010, we made a playlist of songs that for the car that still remind me of certain legs of that trip. We have wedding songs. There are songs from my childhood and high school years. Although not all of those evoke good memories....

I could list those songs for days and days and days, but since this challenge item is limited to two, I guess they'd better be good ones, huh?

Day Nine: Two Songs

1. On the Road Again by Willie Nelson. Before we left for our month and a half long road trip around the country, I burned this one song onto a disc. It was the only song, and I put it in the cd player of my car without telling Jim about it. My intent was to annoy him to death by playing it every time we got into the car. My plan backfired when he thought it was the neatest idea ever to start each morning's drive with this song. Now whenever I hear it, I think fondly of both my failed prank and our trip of a lifetime.

Have you been to the Grand Canyon at sunset? No? Do it.

2. Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Buble. It was our last dance song at our wedding, and it was a special moment for Jim and I because we were alone except for the DJ. It was the only time all day that it was just the two of us with no one watching or pulling at our attention. It is probably my favorite memory from the entire day.

Tell me about a song that evokes something in you.

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