Friday, August 8, 2014

Ten Day You Challenge: Wants

We've made it to day four of the Ten Day You Challenge and today we're talking about wants. I've always had a hard time with wants. I tend to focus more on needs, but sometimes it's good to indulge in the less necessary, more fun things in life, I suppose.

Day Four: Seven Wants

1. Sustained inner peace.  I have glimmers of it, where I feel satisfied with who I am and the life I live, but I haven't figured out how to make that feeling hang around yet.

2. A house with an ocean view...and a wrap around porch with two rocking chairs and a large yard with a vegetable garden.

3. An old Airstream trailer to restore all cool and retro-like and travel the country in.


Can I just take a pause to note that it's really hard to come up with seven things I want! I've been thinking about it all day, and I've only come up with three!

4. A close group of girl friends. I get totally jealous when I see groups of girls who have been friends forever. Like the Babysitter's Club...or the girls from Sex and the City.

5. A really cool picnic basket. I love picnics and it just feels more authentic when you've got a nice basket to carry your goodies and your blanket around in.

Available here in case anyone remembers my birthday is this month....

6. To be fluent in French. I started learning it a while ago, took a few classes, bought some cds for in the car, subscribed to I just haven't finished learning yet...

7.  To take the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul. I have this strange fascination with trains. I would probably use them as my primary means of getting around if they were not so expensive and slow. And what train is more infamous than the Orient Express? Plus Paris? Yes, please! Istanbul? Totally on my list of places to visit before I die. It's a trip created in heaven.


So, what is it that you want?

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  1. An old Airstream is totally on my want list too! That would be so fun!