Thursday, November 6, 2014

Getting a head start on my Christmas list

I've always been a strong proponent of the idea that Christmas shouldn't roll out of storage until after Thanksgiving. And, for the most part, I still support that fact, with one exception: shopping.

Every year I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get my shopping started. I inevitably wind up the week before Christmas, having not found the perfect gift for someone, rushing around, wishing I'd spent less money and not enjoying the process one bit.

This year, I've decided to get practical about it. I started checking out deals online last month and I'm pleased to say I've purchased our gifts for every single kid in our lives! I've spent the bulk of the money we will spend this Christmas, so we won't be eating ramen come December 24th (not that we eat ramen anyway. It's kind of crappy food, despite being pretty dern enjoyable when you're sick).

Naturally, in the course of searching for gifts for others, I came across a few things to add to my own Christmas list this year. (which I also always procrastinate on. I can't tell you how many times my mom asks me what I want for Christmas before I ever get her a list!)

1. Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker.  ($149, Williams Sonoma) I loooooove brick oven pizza. This little baby claims it will make brick oven style pizza in less than ten minutes. Santa, oh, please please leave on of these under my tree!

2. Crabtree & Evelyn Big Top Twelve Hand Therapy Musical Tin. ($60, Crabtree & Evelyn) I don't know about musical tins, but I do know that this lotion is amazing. I got a set from Costco a while back and all the scents were lovely and the lotion wasn't greasy or too heavy.

3. Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee. ($25, Blue Bottle Coffee) Jim and I love Blue Bottle Coffee. We get a bag of the Bella Donovan whenever we are in the bay area (you can buy it online, but the ice cream shop where we get it is just down the street from Jim's cousin, so we make a trip of it). We've also gotten pretty interested in coffee brewing, so this book seems like it would be an awesome addition to our new hobby.

4. Sugarfina Cocktail Hour Tasting Box. ($25, Sugarfina) Candy? Good. Cocktails? Good. Combine the two and you've got a match made in heaven! Sugarfina is also an environmentally friendly company and donates a portion of their proceeds to the Lili Claire Foundation which helps special needs children and Kiva, an organization that offers microloans to entrepreneurs in third world countries. So you can enjoy your treats knowing you've done a bit of good in the world.

5. Filled Owl Candles. ($14, West Elm) Aren't these little guys adorable? I kind of feel like I need one on my new desk.West Elm does so many cute things with owls. I love it!

6. Anne of Green Gables Book Scarf. ($42, Etsy) I am in love with anything books. By now you probably know that, and growing up, Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite series. This scarf is made of cotton and over 3,000 people gave it an average of 5 stars on Etsy, so I'd be willing to bet its as comfy and cute as it looks.

7. The Instax Printer.  ($220, Photojojo) As a photographer, I love anything photography related. But being able to print photos from my phone at home? Pretty dern cool!

8. Vermont Maple Porter Brewing Kit. ($48, Uncommon Goods) I never much enjoyed beer until my husband encouraged me to give it another shot...and another...and another. I've found, through much research, that porter is my favorite. This fall I found a pumpkin porter by Alaskan Brewing Company that I loved so much I actually drank a whole 6 pack of it to myself (over the course of, like, a week, people!). I would love to try a hand at making some at home, and if there's any flavor that takes a second to pumpkin in my book, it's maple. (Jim, Hint, hint!)

9. 2015 Day Designer by Whitney English. ($59, Etsy) Honestly, I'll probably buy one of these long before anyone can buy it for me, but I am kind of excited to try out this planner! I've heard great things about it and I am hoping its as great for me as it is for other people. I've been using the same planner for about 5 years now, but my life is getting far too busy for the weekly design. I need a page a day, and look how cute it is!

For even more great gift ideas (to add to your list or, you know, to put under my tree), check out my pinterest board, and while you're there, feel free to follow!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Do you have your own list started?


  1. Those all sound pretty fantastic. I don't even know where to start with my Christmas list!

    1. They do have a Pride and Prejudice scarf!

  2. Great ideas! I like how you are interested in off-beat, concious brands. And I need a pizza maker in my life! Sidenote-did you hear about the Anne of Green Gables themed wedding?

    1. Right?! A pizza maker is necessary, I think!

      And yes, such a cool wedding shoot! It perfectly represented the story, I think!