Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What to do with all that leftover Halloween candy

This year it rained on Halloween in our town. While a few kids braved the weather and rang our doorbell, we were left with a ginormous pile of candy that Jim and I have been munching guiltily away at for the past three days. 

It seems like such a shame to just throw it all away, so I came up with a list of alternative options:

1. Bring it to work. 

Where I work, I can guarantee all the candy will be gone by the end of the week. The plus side to this one is earning some major points with your coworkers.

2. Freeze it. 

You can thaw it later and put it in Christmas stockings or add it as a garnish to cookie plates. Or, you know, sneak a piece after dinner whenever your sweet tooth strikes.

3. Bring it to a potluck. 

No cooking necessary!

4. Leave a few pieces in the mailbox for your mail man. 

I'm sure he'd appreciate a sweet little treat when he opens the box to deliver your mail. If you want to take it one step further, add a little note and express your appreciation for all he does.

5. Give it to your nieces and nephews. 

I don't know about you, but I take great enjoyment in sugaring up my nephew before sending him home to his parents. And he loves me for it!

6. Send candy grams to your college roommates. 

Who doesn't love getting mail? A sweet little treat will brighten anyone's day and probably send them down memory road to Halloween's past.

7. Host a game night, have candy prizes. 

I'm envisioning cute little baggies filled with a variety of treats, tied up with little bows. Maybe different sizes for first, second and third place...and, if you have as much candy as me, a little parting gift for everyone, just for participating.

8. Create a care package for a soldier overseas. 

And if you don't know a soldier yourself, check out this Halloween Candy Buyback Program,, and they'll send it off for you. Just enter your zip code and get a list of participating dental offices in your area where you can drop your candy off.

9. Bake it into something. 

Check out this pinterest board for a plethora of ideas. I'm thinking of making a popcorn snack mix out of some of ours.

And if none of those things sound appealing, you can always just keep munching on it until its gone!

Do you have a ton of extra Halloween candy? What are YOU doing with it all?

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