Well, hello there! 

I'm Stephanie! And the tall guy? That's my husband, Jim.

We live in Roseville, CA in our very first house with our dog, Katie, a bearded dragon named Marshall, a cichlid (that's a fish, and he's yellow) named Barnaby and a giraffe named Gerome (he's made out of wood and there's a pretty funny story to go with him if you are interested).

This blog chronicles our adventures as husband and wife, meat-eater and (mostly) plant-eater, best friends and partners in crime. Here you'll find meat-free recipes that even Jim will eat, marriage anecdotes, our escapades in home improvement, tons of photographs (we're wedding photographers, too!), and anything else that may strike my fancy.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Always, Stephanie


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